Sunday, August 2, 2015

SFML, JOB, Spring Shoes

I moved my blog here: However, today word press gave me the error: An error occurred while loading.
API calls to this endpoint have been disabled. It basically won't let me update any blog posts at the moment. So I am back here temporarily. Because logging into Google products is a pain in the ass. This trampoline is badass because you could potentially seamlessly connect multiple trampolines: However, the Vuly Thunder looks more durable. Especially since I've seen BOTH with cars dropped on them. VULY THUNDER:

Monday, June 15, 2015

Moved to word press:

New blog here: Just got sick of google trying to control all my stuff with one global account. Leaves me spending half my day logging into and out of accounts. Very annoying. Using word press will be less disruptive to my work flow. -John Mark

Moving to WordPress

Here: I've finally had it with google disrupting my workflow. I log into Youtube, get logged out of the Gmail account I was using. I log into Blogspot, have to log out of Gmail and then into a different Gmail. Then end up having to re-type to get back where I was. I am not a fan of this unification of accounts that Google is up to. It is a pain and severely disrupts my workflow. If there is a decent non-google option that doesn't make my life a pain, I will go for it. I've been dealing with this problem for at least a year. And I've probably lost a lot of productivity. -John Mark Canvas Tangents

I doubt anyone will sympathize with me:

TileLayer Haxe Install

I used HaxeLib Install TileLayer... And it installed.
But FlashDevelop cannot find the library when I include
 in my application.xml file.

I need to focus on making a game rather than pipeline issues...
So I think I am going to go ahead and ignore learning openGL, drawTiles,
or whatever TileLayer is and just work on making a game targeting HTML5 and ActionScript.

If the game is good enough, then I will worry about porting to mobile.
For now, I am just going to design for mobile but release to web.

I don't see myself being productive if I am pulled in so many directions at once.

-John Mark


If you see aze.display in a haxe project. The aze namespace belongs to this library:

Sunday, June 14, 2015

OpenGL Haxe Reading List: setting up lwjgl with eclipse: OpenGL ES Tutorial: Guessing aze.display.* import in the openGL for Haxe project I am looking at is referencing this: Lightweight wrapper over OpenFL's powerful but lowlevel 'drawTiles', with bitmap-based fallback for Flash. Includes a Sparrow spritesheets parser supporting animations and trimming. The openGL haxe project I am looking at: