Monday, May 18, 2015

SVG vs TTF for Icons in GAMES

UPDATE: This article was more helpful for my needs: I read this article: Really good stuff.. But didn't cover the one thing I wanted to know.. FILE SIZE. Embedding vector graphics into a custom font I suspect may be better on file size. I say this because SVG format is basically a text file with with drawing commands in it. Sure, you could embed the SVG as a text file and use string compression on the SVG data. That could work. But, if TTF fonts natively store the vector info in a more native/binary format, I think the product pipeline would be best off by using a TTF "vector artwork pack". Than an SVG "vector artwork pack". Going to search a bit more on the internet. Then probably download a wingDings font and check it's file size before I make a final decision. But right now I am heavily leaning towards TTF because many of the complaints against using TTF icons are specific to web development. When using my custom architecture, these things are irrelevant. -John Mark

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