Friday, December 13, 2013

Directional Bomb Animation Indicators

Today: I did everything on my checklist:
1. Hard Reset (Keep original full file path along with the level in order to hard reset)
   This makes it so my level designer can edit levels while being played.
2. Watermark. More classy for "let's play"
   Game is almost ready for a let's play... But I need to fix up all the levels I botched
   since the last time I released the game now.
3. Animated runway light bomb mockup.
   Bombs now have animations that give a clue to their directionality.
4. Some game-design doc literature.
   Working on game design docs for the level editor pipeline.
   This way my level designer wont need to always ask me what does what.
   But, of course, I will offer my assistance if needed.

1. Fixed a glitch in my invisible tile collision that was causing invisible tiles to be auto-tiled.
2. Looked up lectures on S.C.R.U.M.

Here is a screen shot:
1. I should have a sample-level on my deviant-art. One sample level showing off some improvement I have made to the game.
2. Ted Talk that basically said there are only lame jobs, or great jobs. There are no good jobs.
   I want to apply this mindset to making a successful video game.
   Either your success is lame, or great. But no gradient in-between.
   This game will not be released until I feel it is polished to an acceptable level.

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