Tuesday, December 31, 2013

What is it all about?

I've been thinking about what Matthew Griebner 
said a while ago about, "What is our game about?"

There are some things I've realized 
I've known it was about, but never 
really explicitly said.

Beyond Exploding bombs. 
The game is about PREDICTABLE chain reactions.

I was taking a look at the game "escape goat" 
which I just purchased off of steam. 
I was told it was a lot like our project.

Except one big difference that sets us apart 
is that it is possible to visualize what will 
happen before it happens. If I do add any other 
features related to mechanics, they will fall 
within this rule.

What else?

Right now I am still working on lighting.
Tyler Woods and some others brought up that the 
light fixtures do not look like light fixtures. 
They do now. After a week of coding up in a cabin 
with no internet access, I finally fixed a lighting 
module that I am using for "White Hot" glowing effects.

Because of the optimizations I've painstakenly made, 
this extra "ooh shiny shiny" will not slow down the game.

Note: In case my spaztic mind forgets:
Bound Function:
var isGoodTimeToReRender:Function. Returns Boolean.
Also, flag, "isInNeedOfReRender:Boolean" checked before calling
function. As function calls are slower than checking Booleans.

I am still not yet happy with the lighting. 
I want it dramatic and very noticable,
yet at the same time, I do not want it to interfere 
(unintentionally) with people figuring out the 
layout of the current level.

Last note, I need to visit Tyler as he showed up for a meeting 
that I organized, that I ended up showing to late. 
I am sorry about that. I'll take the time to make that up to you.

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