Saturday, December 7, 2013

UI Work. Refactoring years old code.

When I first started learning flash, I made these two classes. Which now I can use to make
a menu where the selection items scroll into and out of place.

They will require some refactoring, and some hunting down, as my old code base is disorganized.
I basically scrapped my old code base and only use things from my old code base on a need-to-have basis.

Using anything from my old code-base requires me re-factoring the version in my old code base and
putting the refactored copy in my NEW code base.

By refactor I mean:
1. Give the class a more descriptive name.
2. Place the class in package/location that makes sense.
3. Add comments to code. (Its been over a year later, if you read over your code while refactoring and go "WTF is this for?" Then you need to add a comment and possibly refactor your statements.

Right now, I am working on adding a difficulty select menu to my game.
I've already mapped out the menu layout, now I need to code it.

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