Monday, January 27, 2014

Lighting Work and TODO

The lighting is a bit over-kill and distracting.
One of my marketing strategies is
"Make it shiny and people will play."

However, that shinyness cannot interfere with the gameplay.
The lighting is creating too much visual clutter.
One idea Matthew has is to put the tile-map in front of the lighting system.
And interesting idea building on Matt's idea:
What if the tiles were semi-transparent and on top of the lighting system?

On another note, thinking up mini-game ideas for the pre-loader.
My constraint:
The entire mini-game must be within it's own minigame folder in my code base.
The mini-game must NOT use code from any other [codebase / folder].
It has to all be encapsulated so we know exactly how big the minigame is.

Goal of the minigame:
1. To be distracting while the preloader runs.
2. To be somewhat unique.
3. To be scoped/planned out 100% BEFORE CODING.
Usually I would disagree with this non-scrum approach,
but the mini-game should be very small and scoped very small.
It is not there to be a piece of excellence.
4. Be able to sell the mini-game on ActiveDen.
Kind of like how this game is being sold:

My personal TODO for today:
1. Get game refactored and working again.
2. Implement [Indigo/Titanium] tile-set for Josh.
3. Start Planning out dimensions of mini-game.

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