Friday, January 31, 2014

Scan-Line Re-Render

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Thought: Scan-Line re-render effect:
Rather than draw the entire pre-baked lighting map to the screen at once,
draw strips.

1. movesHorizontal:Boolean //vertical or horizontal scan line
2. lineThickness:int //how thick is the scan-line bar?
3. pixelOffsetPerDrawCall:int //how fast does the scan-line bar move each draw call?

This could also be done with the tilemap.

I like this idea, because it could:
1. Be an effect that makes the game MORE efficient when applied. (Less is more approach)
2. Cause the lights in the game to NOT all flicker in sync.

I can also add this control to the lighting tool for Matt so he can alter these values.

In other news:
I made a tool for my artist that exports and imports .JSON file settings for the lighting.
It is a tool that allows my artist to edit the lighting while in game so we can start tweeking the lighting.

Other thought:
I want to be able to have a fractalize mode in the game so I can post screen shots of the game
as fractal art to get more views on deviant art.

CLICK HERE --> Deviant Art Screen Caps <-- CLICK HERE

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