Tuesday, February 11, 2014


This image was created using the pre-loader minigame for MakeChoice.
The strategy:
1. Use this minigame to make fractal art we can post to deviant art.
2. Provide a link that says : 
"I made this image with MakeChoice" (link to game.)

They think they are playing with a fractal art creator, 
but they are really playing with a mini-game in the 
pre-loader of MakeChoice. When the game is done loading, 
they are abruptly brought to the level select screen.
If we've got their attention this far... 
They might be curious to know what more is in store for them.
Or maybe they will just be angry that their art is lost.

But hopefully if they get angry, they leave me a comment!! 
Any publicity is good publicity.

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