Friday, January 30, 2015

Open Reply 01

Levels where an ingenious chain reaction happens all by itself and player doesn't have anything challenging to do about it should be bonus levels (see sushi cat 2) Good idea.
Hitboxes should be transparent under sprites. At some bomb mayhem times, we can see some explosion sprites cover that of the next explosion. I think it is because hitboxes are not transparent. I know that transparence is hard to do for hitboxes, but it would create a better graphic result in my opinion. I might solve this if I decide to re-do the system to optimize it's performance.
There is an obvious will to top bomberman's bombing madness with more explosions, therefore more bombs, therefore more editable squares on the map, and THIS leads to a graphical problem. Since the map is that big, the character is tiny and the graphics are a bit wasted. Everything looks too tiny. I think this problem can be solved by zooming on the spot where Alice is on the map with camera stuck on her. Then, the camera would scroll and follow Alice as the player would move through the level.Creates another problem, though, because you can't see the whole map all the time. Maybe a possibility to choose ? This is a huge problem. I might make another game where you are zoomed in closer with the same mechanics.
The "sparkling debris" that come down from blue blocks remain on the floor and look lick pickable device such as some sort of money. They do look collectable. The problem is, if I make them collectable, that could wreck the whole sparking mechanic. Not sure how to fix this.
What are the atoms for on the right ? I did not understand this. Trying to make the score represented by an atom that builds up. I am thinking maybe this is a bad idea? Doesn't seem to be working. A lot of people don't get it.


  1. I'm glad you liked my feedback. Did you also check the two other sheets on the file?

    1. Something tells me I might have missed that.
      Now that you say that, you were the one who sent me a PDF right?
      I will have to check while I am here. Its late and I got up late.
      So I figured today I'd mostly focus on email and feedback.
      -John Mark

  2. About the third point, I would suggest the Sonic choice. You already made it at some point. Fast paced gameplay and lots of trying over and over before you feel comfortable playing. So I would choose a zoomed screen even for this game. Perhaps replacing the big atom with a dbz radar that shows the whole level and a red dot for the exit, then putting back the atom in a tinier version in one corner of the screen ? As you can see, the story I added to the file is compatible with the atom device and gives it some more meaning. I just think it should be tinier.

    1. One of my friends who is helping me finish the game thinks that a mini-map should be where the atom is.
      I haven't programmed a mini-map yet because I've been trying to avoid programming more features than needed.
      Aka: Avoiding feature creep.
      But. Since this request comes from someone I graduated school with, and who has a reputation for finishing things...
      I am going do basically. Sit back for a while and just code whatever he says we need to finish this game.

      We are thinking about being able to TAB between the atom and the minimap on the UI.