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Sent Feb 20, 2014: am interested, yes, but I am also a full-time Graduate Student, so I have some Difficulty guessing how long it will take me to finish, as Assignments can crop up rather unpredictably at Times; as Things currently stand, however, I should be able to test it. If there is any specific Variety of Feedback you are looking to get, please note it, and I shall do my best to provide it if I find I have any Feelings on the Subject.
Is this some Kind of collective Account? I see multiple Names used after the Account Name in Signatures.
— Albert

Sent Feb 20, 2014:
Unfortunately i get that a's just my artist name, it has nothing to do nor was inspired by that. I might have to make a post and video to clear that up. I made it when i was 14, it basically meant to me, "what is real?" and i wanted to be more real as an artist than the majority of pop singers out there who are fake. I wanted to give people REAL music, something from my heart, something honest. But im working on an electronic side project that focuses on the electronic music.
I'll play the beta, cant wait to see the changes.
At 25 minutes ago, MakeGamesHappen wrote:Is "Real Faction" a game based off of "Red Faction"???
Waaaiiit!! That is your user name.... Wait..
What is your user name based on?

Anyways, new beta!

Hey there everyone!
PASSWORD: NewGroundsBeta <<< You WILL need this.

We are going through all of our active testers and announcing a new beta.
We only send messages about new betas when the beta has changed significantly since
the last announcement.

1. Level Selector
2. Level Name Display on side-bar menu
3. Both JoshicusLD's level and my levels are represented in the level sets.
DEFAULT level set is JoshicusLD's work.
Hard,Easy,Puzzle,and Twitch are my designs.

A lot of levels are probably broken because of button behavior changes.
1. Blue Buttons explode on contact with fire and leave trussles.
Trussels are indestructable, but allow flames through.
2. Red buttons are indestructable and fire proof.
3. Green buttons are super fragile and when they hit fire, they vanish.

(-John Mark)

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