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Sent Feb 20, 2014
Well... it's a great game so far. I got to level 19 before I got tired. It wasn't the game, I just had to stop for a while. He does move kinda fast, but that seems intention since the level design relies on that. The only real thing I notices was a few times I could have sworn I got hit by the bomb's explosion and didn't die. But that could have just been my imagination. So far you have a pretty addictive game. It seems a lot of levels require a few tries to get the layout down, but usually after 1/2 deaths I can get it. So far, I haven't found anything that is particularly game breaking. Honestly, I'm trying to think of things to fix with it, but I can't seem to really thing of anything. The only real thing I might complain about is the dark level design. I know from your post though you changed that because too many people were complaining about the bright design. The bomb flashes would probably cause some people seizures if your not careful. I didn't try the light function on the side though. Probably should have. So far, it's a great game. It seems far better than a lot of beta games.
Quick question, what do the red blocks you can lay down do. So far, it creates what looks like a water stream and I can't seem to figure out what they do.
At 3 hours ago, MakeGamesHappen wrote:Hey there everyone!
PASSWORD: NewGroundsBeta
^^^ You WILL need this.

We are going through all of our active testers and announcing a new beta.
We only send messages about new betas when the beta has changed significantly since the last announcement.

1. Level Selector
2. Level Name Display on side-bar menu
3. Both JoshicusLD's level and my levels are represented in the level sets.
DEFAULT level set is JoshicusLD's work.
Hard,Easy,Puzzle,and Twitch are my designs.

A lot of levels are probably broken because of button behavior changes.
1. Blue Buttons explode on contact with fire and leave trussles. Trussels are indestructable, but allow flames through.
2. Red buttons are indestructable and fire proof.
3. Green buttons are super fragile and when they hit fire, they vanish.

- MakeGamesHappen

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