Thursday, February 5, 2015

Explosion Grid

Currently creating a new explosion grid from the ground up.
It is being designed to be super super fast in every way.
Making extensive use of linked-lists and bit-packing.

The new explosion grid will have a max width of 64 tiles
and max height of 64 tiles.
So a level any bigger than 64x64 will not run.
But that is plenty big enough.
Especially since all the levels for this current game are 30x30.

Currently I need to figure out how to build my linked-list of explosion nodes to update.
Progress is very slow on making this system re-write because of how ridiculous these optimizations are. But it should run blazingly fast. And once it does... I want to make a short minigame with
bombs and explosions. It will be super awesome.

-John Mark

Wonder how I could create an optimized bomb-sprite renderer that supports animation?
Something that always draws the bombs the most efficient way possible.

Bomb states:
1. Animating.
2. Triggered.

I if I just work with that... We could do some crazy awesome blitting work...
I think I want to to that.


-John Mark

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