Saturday, February 7, 2015

The committee

Story Expansion:

What do the baddies want with older brother?
The head of the baddies is actually the older brother from the future.

Let's call present brother Brother-P.
And future brother, Brother-F.

Brother-P's Mother gained some sort of super powers that
made her go criminally insane. Or so Brother-P was led to believe.

There was a committee at the lab that created a special
Isolation chamber to keep Mother isolated from the real world.
A normal jail cell would not hold her.

The cell can only be opened when all the committee members are present.
Brother-F is kidnapping all of them in an effort to open this door.

Brother-P has been lied to about how dangerous Mother is.
Possibly mother was framed.
But mother does have super powers. That part was not a lie.
But her in-human abilities made her easier to frame.

Possibly someone at the lab was up to no good...
And Mother found out about it.

Who is the traitor?
Who wrote it?

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