Monday, November 11, 2013

Embedded Asset Emulation at Runtime using AS3Commons.byteCode

After being up all night, here are the notes from my header file on how I was able to dynamically create embedded assets at runtime.
         * Makes an embedded bitmap class that extends from mx.core.BitmapAsset.
  * This is to emulate the embedding of bitmapData so that we can use
  * assets loaded from folder at runtime and pretend that they were
  * embedded.
   * 1. I couldn't figure out how to define a custom constructor code, and making just certain properties
   *    valid using the IPropertyBuilder seemed a little shotty. I wanted my new object to behave identially to
   *    an embedded asset.
   * 2. Solution:
    * A: I extended from the embedded asset type for bitmaps ( mx.core.BitmapAsset ) and made
    *    my own class BitmapAssetWrapper.
    * B: BitmapAssetWrapper has a static dictionary where I bind the unique fully qualified name
    *    of the dynamically constructed class before I build that dynamic class.
    * C: After the dynamic class is built, it's constructor will use describeType()
    *    to get the fullyQualified name of it'self. It will then use that fully qualified name to
    *    fetch the correct bitmapData from the static dictionary. Once it has the correct bitmap
    *    that is supposed to be linked to that class, that bitmap is used in the super() of the
    *    BitmapAssetWrapper's constructor.
    * D: The result is functionally, the creation of a dynamically generated mx.core.BitmapAsset
    *    That will allow me to EMULATE the embedding of assets. By allowing the emulation of embedded
    *    assets, I have made it so that I can use assets loaded at runtime, or assets loaded at compile time,
    *    without having to change anything.

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