Monday, November 18, 2013

Someone from PopCap likes my game.

I am not going to say exactly who, as I feel that would be impolite to speak on their behalf on this blog. But they were really impressed that I am a self-taught actionscript programmer and that I've only been developing the game for 11 months. He wants me to come back in 6 weeks for the next board game night to show off my progress. What am I currently programming? Last night I made a locking screen on my game, and sent out personalized letters to some friends with their own tailor made copy of the game. Each copy contains a password I made for them to unlock the game. I am not ready to release the game to the world, but I'd like to give people I know well copies so they can try it out and tell me what they think. Today I just fixed a glitch with my falling tiles. Not really a glitch as much as it was an "unexpected behavior" that resulted from my system following the rules I had laid down for it. Not sure what the vocabulary for classifying different errors is. It wasn't a syntax error, and wasn't a logic error in the sense that all the logic I had used was working how I had programmed it to. But after designing more levels, the level design didn't quite work how I wanted it to, so I modified the system to give it a... more predictable behavior. To be less abstract about it: Columns now DELAY by a few seconds before falling when the floor beneath them is blasted out. This allows for explosions to have time to sneak under those columns before the gap is sealed.

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