Thursday, November 7, 2013


Welcome to the DevBlog for MakeGamesHappen. You can expect scans of notes from our notebooks, screencaps, videos of the gameplay, and much more as we go through the journey of the release of our game. We will post as often as possible, comments and messages are encouraged.

Let us jump straight into the game then, shall we? The game we have in development is called MakeChoice. MakeChoice can be best described as a puzzle platformer similar to Pocket Bomberman, but with our own take.

You must make the right choice between two buttons, both linked to a chain of bombs.
Make the correct choice:
A pathway to the exit door will be forged, this can happen in two ways.
- Blowing out a section of wall in your way.
- Making blocks blown out from the ceiling fall into place (which you can then climb).

Make the invalid choice:
You will then find yourself terminated.
- Finding yourself crushed.
- Falling to your death.

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