Monday, November 25, 2013

Why should I care?

After a play test session with a whole bunch of professional video game nerds.
From a certain video game school, and others in the industry. (Lets not mention exactly whom for legal reasons)
One of my harshest critics that night gave me a good question:

"Why should I care?"

So... I have decided there needs to be one more game mechanic added to make this game complete...

There are ovens on timers. When the timer goes to ZERO the oven turns on.
There are animals in [cages/boxes] that will be roasted if you do not rescue them before the timer goes off.
The boxes will shake to let you know something is inside of them.

I am thinking saving baby foxes.
Foxes sound really creepy when they make sounds.
Which is good. Because it means the first few levels you may avoid the boxes and let them get roasted
because the sounds sound like monsters.

Eventually you take the risk, or have to touch a box, and a baby fox comes out.

Gives it more challenge element.
Gives you a reason to care about what is going on in the game.

// A sprite rectangle that has a button that starts ON:

// A sprite rectangle that has a button that starts OFF:

When the level initializes, if there are more ON buttons than off, all turn ON.
If more off then on, all turn OFF.
Buttons will work like toggles.
If you turn ONE green button ON, ALL BUTTONS THAT ARE GREEN TURN ON.

Once an oven has turned on, the buttons will simply turn the oven on/off.
This can still be a puzzle element.


You must:
1. Implement basic blood decal placement.
2. Implement basic crate saving and destroying.
3. Implement level re-routing based on if you saved the box.


Set0: Easy as Pie
Set1: Somewhat Difficult.

//Two glowing buttons on INTO LEVEL:
00 = Credits (Both off == credits room)
10 = EASY
11 = MEDIUM (Mixing RED + GREEN == medium)

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