Saturday, June 13, 2015

Bunny Mark

SO... Either I have a really slow phone...
Or my "optimized" tilemap rendering code is not that optimized...

Going to download
And run it to see how it works...

Tried using downloadSVN to download the demo from the Git Repo.
No luck. Instead used:

haxelib install flixel-demos
on the command line.

UPDATE#1: Looks like bunny benchmark is dependant on bitFive... Hmm...
        Better look into what bitFive is doing. As I know it had
        something to do with drawing optimizations.

On command line:
haxelib install openfl-bitfive

UPDATE#2: Running the demo from the flixel project failed.
          Did not recognized bitFive was installed.
          Actually, the entire libraries folder was EMPTY...
          Like the project XML wasn't valid or anything..

SO now:
On command line:
haxelib install flixel-tools

Trying to build a fresh bunnyMark example using flixel-tools.
If this doesn't work... I don't know.. I feel kind of stupid having
to try this hard just to get something running that I should be able
to easily download.

Error: ///////////////////////
Error: Could not find haxelib "openfl-bitfive", does it need to be installed?
Build halted with errors (haxelib.exe)."

Using the command line, it installed openfl-bitfive version 3.0.
My guess is I need to take out the version requirements somewhere in
a config file.

Because: When I do "haxelib install openfl-bitfive"
on command line, it tells me:
"You already have openfl-bitfive version 3.0.0 installed.

Went to "C:\DEV\Programs\Haxe\haxe\lib\openfl-bitfive\3,0,0"
And stripped the version number out of haxelib.json in that folder.
I kept the version variable, but it is now set to an empty string.

Hmm... The
Within my Project.xml is still causing my "References" folder in my
FlashDevelop project to become blank. I know this happens whenever you
put a library path that cannot be found. When I comment out
 from my Project.xml, the "References" folder
directories show up again in the project explorer...

So I guess stripping the version number out did not work...
Maybe the library is identified differently? I am typing something wrong?

UPDATE#5: Read some read-me files:: Trying this in 
Project.xml (Which read me refers to application.xml)
 //Commented this out.
 //replaced with this.

I can now see my library references in the project explorer, but don't know
if anything will actually run.

UPDATE#6: No luck...
I really want to run this demo to see if I am doing something wrong with my optimized
rendering... Or if Flixel is using better rendering methods than me.... GRRR.
I am pretty sure my phone is just ancient and super slow... That is what I am hoping for
because my flash code runs super awesomely fast.

UPDATE#7: Not cool... I wonder if I can find bunnyMark on the app store and just download it?
          I don't want to use flixel. I just want a bench mark to see how it runs on my phone.

Fruitless search terms:
openfl-bitfive not found
openfl library not found in solution explorer
openfl-bitfive not compiling

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