Saturday, June 13, 2015

Haxe Android FrameRate Drop

Doing some reasearch on this: You might consider what rendering you are using. If you are still using copyPixels or draw, which perform well in Flash's software renderer, its about the slowest you can go on hardware. The display list is faster, or drawTiles/drawTriangles If you are using one of these fps drop is inevitable, because these are using cpu and expensive processes. - Masking - Bitmap drawing or creating bitmap - Gradient line drawing - Filters - Color transform You should also check that you aren't using debug mode also. This may lead fps drop also. I apologize for dropping into an older thread, but I wanted to mention I just created a logical error in our stage rendering code. It was rendering on "lastRender + framePeriod", which, if the application was allowed to sleep, could result in a drop of several frames per second if the "lastRender" was not exactly at the desired time, but later due to an idle wakeup. The system was not under stress, it just wouldn't try to do enough frames. This is the cause of the behavior where more stress on the device would result in better frame rates, much to the confusion of most people. This logic fix will go out in the next version of openfl-native. Have a great day!

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