Monday, June 8, 2015

Signing into blogger signs me out of GMail.

I don't enjoy how google likes to sign me out of my gmail when I sign into blogger. When google decided to link Youtube, Blogspot, and who knows what else all together... It became a real pain for me. And my productivity has suffered. Usually my solution is just to... Don't check email that much. And don't update blog as much as I should. Here are some other solutions: I think a better solution might just be... Only using google for gmail. And finding alternative services for blogs that don't kill my productivity. Been reading a book on systems theory called "The 5th Discipline" and context switching is a big deal. ----------------------------------- In games news: Working on some basic Haxe Engine code for a game I want to make for the phone. Writing engines is a dangerous thing to do for someone trying to make a game. I've been down that road before. But I know exactly what I want and I have the experience to pull this off. And it will save me some problems down the road because I wont have to hack-up flixel like I did with my AS3 code base. You try to respect encapsulation, but it only goes so far when you need to make big changes. -John Mark UPDATE: Speaking of the inefficiencies I was talking about with google accounts. This was the original reason I logged in: I am doing research into multi-touch so I can program a pinch/pull gesture for zoom control.

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